Mushroom Hunting To Save Money

Seeing as the challenge was to live off $1 a day it stands to reason that if you could hunt or gather food then you could make that $1 stretch a bit further. This is where mushroom hunting can come into play. Not only do people hunt mushrooms to save money, some actually do it as a money gathering exercise and are very successful at it. Generally the Morel Mushroom is considered to be jewel as it is easier to find than some mushrooms although it may not be as highly prized as say the Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom .

Morel Mushroom

Morel Mushroom

You can ofter find mushroom hunting groups online that band together to go out and find mushrooms for pleasure or for a bit of extra cash so it is worth looking online for such a group so you can quickly learn the ins and outs of hunting mushrooms.

One word of warning however. You need to be very careful when hunting any type of mushroom or fungi as it could potentially have deadly results should you inadvertently pick and eat the wrong type of mushroom. This is why I advise that you find a group to hunt with or at the very least some type of individual who is an expert at mushroom picking or foraging.

Although Morel mushrooms are quite distinct looking there are others that look quite similar which is why we need that expert to help. While the morel is considered great for eating, other mushrooms like the aforementioned Ganoderma mushroom have healing properties that date back thousands of years in the far east and in fact it was once such a prized mushroom that it was exclusively for royals.

What Is The Food Challenge?

Is $1 per meal enough to live on?

Is it enough for a busy parent to provide healthy food so that children can grow strong and succeed in school?

Is it enough to provide a worker enough energy to succeed at the workplace and enough nutrition to stay healthy?

Find out for yourself by taking the Food Stamp Challenge.

When you take the Challenge, you get a glimpse into what it’s like for people on food stamps.

But it’s about more than understanding, it’s about action.

When you take the Challenge, you help share the word about the importance of caring for children and poor in our country. You join part of a movement that is raising awareness about the issue, starting conversations, getting the message out in the media, and letting our leaders in Washington know that this is an important issue.

Why this is important Right Now!

This October, Congress will take up funding for Food Stamps. Here’s the scary part: President Bush has proposed to cut food stamp funding to help pay for the war in Iraq (source 1 2 ).

If food stamp funding is cut this year, it won’t be up for debate won’t be until 2012. That means five years of not giving children and working families the support they need. This is an important time to take notice, take the Challenge and take action.